Snap iPhone XS Max Phone Case - Black Marble Texture

Snap iPhone XS Max

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Our snap case gives your device its much-needed protection. The sides of the case are made of soft, durable plastic. The back of the case is solid which is ideal for printing. The soft sides ensure your phone is more secure. This case gives security as well as beautiful design.


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  • Snap Info

    A Phone Case with Flourish Design and Strong Protection.

    This case has black color marble design which looks real marble. This black color marble will give the fabulous look to your mobile phone. This snaps case is strong and long-lasting, you can use for daily. Not only is our case strong and durable, but they are also perfect for printing. The high-quality printing is used while construction of this case.

    As this case is solid and robust, protect your cell phone from accidental scratches, drops, and bumps. This case gives reliable protection to your mobile. All ports and buttons are easily accessible without losing its functionality.


    Additional Info

    Type of printing High resolution, Sublimation print
    Material Polished plastic
    Finishing Anti-scratch, Durable
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