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iPhone X - Folio

Customization Of

iPhone X - Folio

Please choose your case type:


Folio cases are pretty stylish and easy to keep in a pocket. They offer all-around protection if you more likely carry your phone in a bag. It safes your phone from any kind of external impact, scratches or accidental drop. Wrap your essentials in faux leather and enjoy the head-turns all day long! To one's delight, it offers extra chambers to keep business and ID cards as well as cash along with your phone.

Please choose your case finish:


The extra shiny layer gives to your case a boost in color and looks simply pretty. With finishes like gloss, no one can help but falling in love!


If you yearn to enjoy more of complement pastel tints, how about a matte finish? It has more of a dull, flat color.


Satin finish falls between non-shiny finish of matt and the bright finish of gloss materials but still has some sheen to it.