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Do you ship internationally?

Yes, our products are available worldwide! Feel free to order products from our collection from any location you find yourself.

What are the shipping costs?

You will be charged ZERO currency for shipping your order! It is completely FREE for you in case the order price exceeds 20$. While making a purchase please pay attention to the field where the fee for delivery is available. Moreover, you will be able to track information about the shipping status.

What is the average order delivery time after payment and shipping?

All your orders will be manufactured within a day, thus, for the customized cases it will take from 2 to 5 business days to be delivered to your post office and for the standard cases from 7 to 15 calendar days. We will notify you, if any delays may apply to your order. Please, feel free to contact the customer service, if there are any concerns regarding the order delivery time.

Does the delivery time cover only business days?

We are happy to notify you that the item processing and shipping is applicable also during the public holidays except from the personalized cases: the delivery of the personalized cases is available only during the business days. 

What can cause a delay in my order delivery?

The peak seasons of winter time and/or stockout may stand as a cause for order delivery delay. Less likely, but a delivery to wrong address by the post may still apply. Our team aspires to deliver a value-added service, thus, these causes are reduced to a minimum occurrence level.

What is the location for me to pick up my package delivery?

We will deliver your order package directly to the address mentioned in your account (i.e. home address). However, this may not be applicable to some countries or particular areas in the country. Please, contact the local postal service in your country to check how packages may be delivered.

What if my order gets damaged during shipping?

The cases have a strong protective packaging, however, we are flexible to refund the item that has been damaged during shipping, thus, we will provide you another case for free of charge. We kindly ask you to send us a picture of the item, afterwards, we will contact you back to communicate on the further instructions.

What if I fail to receive my order?

We are cooperating with the most trustworthy shipping companies, however, cases of losing an item or delivering to the wrong address may occur. If you fail to receive your item within 20 business days after the shipment, your item will be considered lost in transit; hence you will receive a responsive solution from us. 

Should I pay import taxes for my order?

Your payment to us does not cover Custom related fees, including import tax and duties. Please, contact the Customs office of your destination country to get details on the amount charge.