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How do I attach/remove the case to/from my mobile device?

To attach the case, please follow the following steps:

  1. To insert Slim style cases, align your device with the case from the top; gently press the case to close the space between your device and case.
  2. To insert Extra Durable style case

To remove the case from your mobile device, please, avoid pressing on the phone camera not to damage it. Instead,

  1. make the back of device visible to you;
  2. press the bottom corners to open space between your device and case;
  3. the case will pop off while you pry the open space with your fingers.
Can you specify the difference between a snap, tough, and folio case?

The slim and luxurious Snap case model is designed for ease of use of your phone being in a pocket or handbag. Its space grade material aims to highly protect your device, to give an elegant, slim look to it, as well as make it easy for you to hold your device.

Highly durable, indestructible Tough case model is intended to protect the devices from external tough impact. It consists of two layers constructed from a space-grade material for maximum protection and durability.

The Folio case extends your comfort zone in a daily routine. It gives you a space to carry your cards (e.g., business, credit, identification) and cash in a case that is distinct with its stunning faux leather.