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How can I customize my case?

The process consists of the following 3 simple steps:

  1. Choose your device.
  2. Select the type of your case that you want to customize.
  3. Start making your unique case!

Please, watch our video tutorial for a more detailed guide.

What is required from my device to make a customized case?

Absolutely nothing special! Just have Internet connection and through your device (PC,laptop, tablet, smartphone, other) enjoy our highly user-friendly tool for designing cases.

Which cases are customizable?

Please, find the list of the available cases here. Cannot find the needed model? Please, send us an email – support@casezone.com

What is the best image format and resolution for making custom cases?

To have the best result we recommend the following specifications:

Formats - JPG, PDF and PNG.

Phone cases - 2000x3000 pixels.

iPad cases - 4000x3000 pixels.

Please, note the higher the resolution of the uploaded image the better the outcome. Not sure if the quality and format of your image is appropriate? No worries, in case the resolution of the picture you have uploaded is low you will get a system notification.

Can I upload images from the internet?

As long as the image has a sufficient resolution and quality in relevant format you can use it on your custom mobile or iPad cases. However, please, be aware that images downloaded from the internet, particularly from the social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram, have a quite low resolution. In addition, when using images downloaded from the internet take into account the factors of copyright and ownership trademark.

Will my picture be printed on the sides of the case as well?

Except from the flaxy model all designs will be printed on the sides of the cases.

I cannot create a case, I receive an error message. What to do?

If you face some difficulties with either uploading your picture or placing an order, please, make sure you comply with the following:

  • Chrome and Mozilla browsers are recommended
  • Uploaded image should correspond to the PDF, PNG or JPG formats;
  • Maximum allowed size for uploaded picture should be 6MB;
  • An average speed Internet connection is desirable.
Who can print my case?

No one can print your case except from you.