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CaseZone is dedicated to serving those in need. We have a strong sense of responsibility to those among us that struggle with the basic necessities of life; those things that many of us take for granted: food, clean water, medicine, clothing, and shelter. Impoverished children are the most vulnerable and, therefore; CaseZone has decided to focus its charitable donations on those foundations that focus on benefiting children.


The CaseZone Commitment

Most children's charities rely, in large part, on monetary contributions from donors. Without those monetary contributions those foundations would not be able to provide the much-needed support of those children that are in such dire need.

To help with this urgent need, CaseZone will be donating 1% of our total revenue to various children's charitable foundations. CaseZone selects only those foundations that have the best track-record of providing assistance to children in need.

The CaseZone donations will be used to assist those charitable organizations in providing food, clean water, medicine, clothing, and shelter to children who, otherwise, have no means of support. We feel it is our duty to do our part to provide health and hope to those children that need it the most.

This is a long-term commitment from CaseZone. We realize that there will always be children in need and we are fully committed to doing our part to help.










You Will be Helping

Helping relieve the distress of impoverished children requires teamwork. We are confident that there could be no better team than CaseZone and you! We are proud of our customers and we know that you are compassionate and caring. We know that you care about the fate of impoverished children and that you would like to help where you can.

You, our valuable customer, will be the most important part of our team. You will be the driving force behind our charity program.

When your purchase products from CaseZone you will be contributing to the relief of the world's poorest children. Through CaseZone, you will be contributing to charitable foundations that are actively providing the basic requirements of life to children that are the most vulnerable. You will have the satisfaction of knowing that your purchase is a valuable part of a larger effort to improve the lives of children that are at the greatest risk.

CaseZone and You

Making a Difference

Children are Our Future

Children are the future of this planet. Our children are also the most vulnerable. Millions of children on this planet are completely dependent upon the compassion of others. Without that compassion they have no hope and no future.

All children deserve an opportunity to develop and thrive. All children deserve to be free from hunger and want. Every child deserves the fullest opportunity to grow into a healthy and happy adult. Anything less is the greatest of tragedies.

With you as a valuable part of our team we can do our small part to bring light and hope to those children that are struggling to see the brightness of life. Together we can do our part to ensure that all of our children have a future that they can look forward to.