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CaseZone is a designer, manufacturer and retailer of premium smartphone cases, based in NY city and operating internationally.


CaseZone is an exclusive brand of your dream cases for smartphones and tablets for all those enthusiasts appreciating little rewards. Based in New York and operating internationally, we have our warehouses in the UK, EU and Asia as well. Our phone cases are designed in the US. We at CaseZone have highly talented experts’ team, creative designers and illustrators, unique content creators, a highly responsive customer support team, etc. who are here to work hard to leave you satisfied and happy with your own choice.

You Must Be Curious what is the Story Behind?

There's always something special about a company that is family owned. CaseZone is founded and run by two brothers and a sister. Three enthusiasts with the mission to bring smiles to your faces by offering quality and fashionable mobile accessories that will serve as a reflection of your individual design tastes.

From Customized to Predesigned… Saving Time and Money with CaseZone

In the beginning we were mainly focused on custom and personalized phone cases. We wanted to give our customers a freedom of creating something on their own and with their own pictures. We have come to realize that our customers are more eager to order a predesigned case which saves their time and energy rather than spending time on designing a case with their image. We at CaseZone believe that listening and responding to the consumer is the key to success. We know that desires and trends can change quickly and we make sure that we are always in a position to respond just as quickly. In addition to that, we do not tell you what you want in your phone case. Instead, we listen to what you want and then respond to your input. We keep providing our customers with fashionable designs and more choices, choices and choices. In nowadays world the cover of your phone can not only be a reflection of your personal style, but can also be your voice that is often much more catchy and impactful, than a speech or an argument. It’s the reason why we design phone cases in a way to reflect your own personal choice. CaseZone brings together unique collections of cases that are creations of our highly talented expert designer team of ours. We strive to incite excitement amongst the crowd of youngsters by offering them each of these quality accessories at a fair price.

How CaseZone is Unique in the Market?

Living in this modern era, even you will agree to the role of phone accessories going beyond protection. Our phone accessories can be a nice little way of unclosing us, our inner selves and showing off our true colors. Therefore, the selection of a phone case supplier will be one of the most important factors in your search for a new case that will satisfy your style and design visions. CaseZone is that supplier. We were founded with the mission to be that supplier. Phone cover selling websites, which recognizes and values individual choices and values, are hard to find. CaseZone’s different. We believe CaseZone is the perfect spot to purchase your phone case from the comfort of your abode. No need to manoeuvre through the crowded streets of the cities to find the perfect phone case for your mobile phone. You just need to visit CaseZone. Once there, we shall greet you with dozens of cases, featuring breathtaking designs of Art, Urban, Marble, Floral, Mandala, Geometric, Animals, Quotes and more in trendy colors. We shall leave you spoilt for choices here. Regardless of choice, stay assured of a quality product, delivered to your doorstep.

A True Reflection of Beauty Going Hand-In-Hand With Quality and Functionality

Despite our focus on design and inventiveness, we never disregard quality as it’s the hallmark of our mobile accessories. Every case is fabricated from hard polished plastic, ensuring the durability of the products. From anti-scratch to drop-resistance, it meets almost all the expectations of customers. Explore the pleasures of creativity, and unmask our hidden collection of dozens of case designs, with this amazing platform offered by CaseZone.

Get a Royal Treatment at CaseZone

We have not just channeled our attention to designing unique cases but have also developed a user-friendly website. Even if you have absolutely no web experience, with the help of some simple and user-friendly tools provided by CaseZone, you can at ease place your order. If not, our responsive Customer Support Team is our promise to you to fulfill your expectations in providing with high quality of support, advice, as well as communication and service. Wondering what happens next? As a dedicated supplier, we ship orders within 48 hours. You need not count days as your favourite phone case reach you within 3-5 business days in the US. Have patience and bear in mind, the fruits shall definitely be sweeter this time!

Spread a Message

Show off your brand new designed case to the world around and be proud of your purchase. Leave a review and let us know all about your experience. We shall be more than happy to listen to your story and the appreciation ushered in by onlookers. Seeing your smiles and comforts is something that gives us immense happiness and motivation, that is the real and most valuable profit.

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