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What’s the Hype over Customized iPhone 7 Cases?


What’s the Hype over Customized iPhone 7 Cases?

Customized iPhone 7 cases are the salvation of any Apple-user that owns one. iPhone cases these days are just not interesting or diverse enough for everyone.

Luckily for those of us who are interested in a more unique approach, customized cases are a thing. Once you’ve designed an iPhone case of your own that nobody else has thought of, you’ll realize how cool it is!

In this article, we’ll show you all there is to know about customized iPhone 7 cases and what you can do with one. Once you’ve learned all about these wonders of printing technology, you’ll never want a regular, boring case again!

If you’re interested in pimping out your iPhone 7, then read on!

What Advantages are Provided from Owning Customized iPhone 7 Cases?

#1 – Unlimited Options

The only limitation on your new case design is your mind. Anything and everything you dream up in your head can be incorporated into the customized case.

It doesn’t even matter whether you need an iPhone 8 Plus case, an iPhone X case, an iPhone XS case , or whatever other model. Your design can be applied to one and all!

So long as you have an idea and you’re willing to see it come to life, you’ll have yourself an amazing case design. Don’t bother browsing pre-made cases that anyone could have. Embrace your true nature and design something from it!

#2 – Your Custom Case Shines Through Your Personality

Whatever you design, it will have come from the core of your very being. In essence, your design will in some way point to yourself.

How cool would it be for someone to see your iPhone case and say, ‘Oh, this must be yours!’ That would be awesome, to say the least. Knowing that of all the iPhone 7 cases out there, yours was singled out by nothing more than your unique creativity is amazing.

The customizable case isn’t all that much more expensive than an ordinary one. I’d say that reason alone is enough to go for it!

#3 – Pride in Your Own Accomplishments

In case you haven’t caught on, the main advantage provided by a customizable case is the personal attachment that you gain to it. The case is not only yours, it is literally designed for no one but yourself. Seeing your own design come to life gives anyone a sense of strong pride.

The design already looks awesome when you set it up on our website. It is one-hundred times more special when you see it on the back of your iPhone every day! Trust us, you will feel this way the moment you receive the customized case.

Whether you’re using an iPhone 8 case, an iPhone XS Max case, or even an iPhone XR case. All your friends will notice is the amazing, uniqueness of the case in question!

What Kind of Options do You have for Customized iPhone 7 Cases?

Regular Cases

The two regular case forms are called Snap and Tough. Snap iPhone 7 cases bring colors across with a sharper tone while Tough iPhone 7 cases offer deeper colors that aren’t as sharp.

On top of those two regular case forms, each has two different styles known as Matte and Gloss. Matte has a smooth appearance while Gloss is brighter and reflects more light.

Any combination of these iPhone 7 cases is absolutely fine. All are fully customizable, so you shouldn’t feel pressured to pick one above another. Simply choose the one that you like the most.

Wallet Cases

Wallet cases are a bit more interesting. Instead of just casing the back of your iPhone, the wallet case covers both the back and the front.

The wallet case offers an equal amount of protection for the back of your iPhone as the regular case does. Luckily, it can also be used to protect the front of your smartphone. Simply flip it open when you want to use it, then close the flap over the front of your phone when you’re done with it.

Go take a look!

What can You do if You Don’t Feel Very Creative?

If you’re not so sure about what you want to design, don’t worry about it! You can give our pre-made customization templates a try! We have many different styles, including the following:

  • Animal
  • Art
  • Floral
  • Geometrics
  • Mandala
  • Marble
  • Material
  • Nature
  • Skulls
  • Sport
  • Vintage

We have more than 100 different templates in there, so don’t be shy. We recommend you take one that sticks out to you and then alter it in whatever way you like. This way, you don’t have to think up an entirely new idea, but your final product is still unique.

What Kind of Accessories Work with Customized iPhone 7 Cases?

We have three different accessories available that go along with iPhone 7 cases. The first one is a useful car mount that allows you to safely mount your phone on the car’s dashboard. This makes it much easier to keep track of where your phone is, as well as utilize it while driving without wasting one of your hands. (Please be careful not to drive and look at your phone for safety reasons!)

We also offer a 1-meter long iPhone USB charger cord. This can be used to quickly charge your iPhone, as well as hook it up to a computer and transfer data, etc.

Finally, we have strong tempered glass. Our tempered glass is made of the strongest material possible in order to protect your phone screen as much as possible. You’d be surprised how much it costs to get your screen fixed at an Apple store, so this truly is a bargain offer!

You can find these accessories here. Take a look! Remember that you can use all of these accessories with an iPhone 7 Plus case or any other model case as well!

What can CaseZone Guarantee You?

#1 – Lowest Prices for Highest Quality!

It is true, our customizable iPhone 7 cases are the best price value on the market. While we may not have the cheapest available price, we do have the lowest prices for high-quality products. No other cheap custom case business has as high reviews as we do!

#2 – Experienced and Available Customer Services

We’ve been in this game for the better part of a century. Thanks to that length of time, we’ve gathered so much experience, that most of our customer service people can identify what you want before you even know what it is!

We always put the customer first and make sure they, or you in this case, get exactly what they want. (Within reason) If it is something that we are capable of doing, we will do it to the best of our ability!

#3 – A Flawless Product

We never sell sub-par products. By sub-par, I mean anything short of a perfect product. If there is the tiniest smudge or discoloration on the case, we’ll scrap it and make a brand new one!

You will never receive defective products from us. As our reviews tell you, we take our reputation for perfection very seriously!

Where Can You Go to Get Started?

You can go check out our website and pick the design options that you’re interested in. Remember, any design is a fantastic design if it is yours and your alone!

Check out our website now and get your iPhone 7 case design started now!

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