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Reasons to Own a Customized Google Pixel 2 XL Case


Reasons to Own a Customized Google Pixel 2 XL Case

The best way to make your Google Pixel 2 XL better is by adding a customized Google Pixel 2 XL case to it! Customized phone cases are amazing. You may not realize just how incredible these things are yet, but we’re definitely going to do our best to enlighten you!

Customized phone cases are going places. (Rhyme intended) There are tons of advantages to be had by owning a customized Google Pixel 2 XL case. We’ll go over these as well as a few other interesting things in this article. By the time you reach the end, you’ll know exactly what customized phone cases are and where to get one of your own.

If you would like to be one of the first people in your social group to own a customized Google Pixel 2 XL case, then read on!

Advantages Gained Through Owning a Customized Google Pixel 2 XL Case

1. You can Make Your Google Pixel 2 XL Truly Unique

Google Pixel phones are perhaps less popular than iPhone and Samsung phones. So, owning one is already less common than those.

However, to truly make your phone unique, a customized Google Pixel 2 XL case will do the trick! Whatever the design you choose to create, it is certain to be 100% unique. No one on the entire planet has your exact imagination, meaning that whatever you invent in your mind will be yours and yours alone.

You can safely tell your friends and family that no one else owns the same phone case that you do. Your design will be kept safe and no one else will ever use it unless you allow them to do so.

2. You can Put Your Creativity into Practice

There are many ways to express your creativity. All of us are creative in our own way. Some people like drawing, while others prefer to build models. Designing a phone case of your own may be your thing.

Expressing yourself through a form of creativity is good for the mind and soul. On top of that, you’ll get a sick customized Google Pixel 2 XL case out of it!

3. You can Show It Off!

Everyone loves to show off a little. Designing your own phone case would definitely be an excuse to do just that. Showing off your phone case shouldn’t come across as cocky. You put in the effort to create that case, so you have every right to be proud of it!

You’ll probably have two main reactions from your friends. Your good friends will find it awesome and congratulate you on your efforts. They may even choose to make one of their own.

You’re ‘interesting’ friends will poke fun at the design and try to pull you down from your state of pride. Those friends are simply jealous. Don’t mind their foolishness.

Case Customization Options for the Google Pixel 2 XL Case

Regular Cases

Regular cases come in two main forms. They are known as the following:

  • Snap – A strong case that will keep your smartphone safe and look awesome at the same time.
  • Tough – Looks and feels like the Snap case but contains an extra protective layer of black rubber.

Each of these forms also comes in two different styles: (The same styles for each form)

  • Matte – Smooth in appearance
  • Gloss – Bright and reflective material

All of the above options are equally customizable. The Tough case does provide you with additional security at an incredibly low cost, so it provides a slightly higher value against cost.

In any case, your design will fit perfectly, whether you use a Google Pixel 2 case, a Google Pixel XL case, or whatever phone model you’re using. Our printers will see to it. You just need to tell us which model you need, and we’ll print the design onto a case that matches it.

Wallet Cases

Wallet cases are slightly different from regular cases. A wallet case covers both the front and back of your phone. Instead of just protecting the back, it can also cover the front side of the phone, including the screen.

Since smartphone touchscreens are quite easily broken, using the wallet case is very beneficial. When you need to use the phone, you can open the front side of the wallet case and place it behind the phone. When you’re done with it, replace the front side of the case.

Take a look at the wallet case here!

Pre-Made Case Templates for Your Benefit

Should you be feeling a bit uninspired to design a case from scratch, you can try out our pre-made designs. These are some of the main categories we have available:

  • Animal
  • Art
  • Floral
  • Geometrics
  • Mandala
  • Marble
  • Material
  • Nature
  • Skulls
  • Sport
  • Vintage

Once you’ve picked a design that you like, you can alter it in whatever way you wish. Whatever Google Pixel case you have, these pre-made designs can be used just the same!

Interesting Accessories that Go with a Customized Google Pixel 2 XL Case

We also offer the following three accessories to go with your Google Pixel 2 XL case:

  • Car Mount – Keep your phone close by with an easy to use and sturdy car mount. (Please make sure not to utilize your phone while driving in any way that would distract you from the road!)
  • 1-meter USB charger cord – Charge your phone at the fastest possible rate while also having some length on the cord to reach that pesky wall socket.
  • Tempered Glass – Add further protection to your smartphone touchscreen with the highest-quality tempered glass on the online market!

You can use these accessories with any Google Pixel model. So, don’t be shy about your choice. Whichever is best for you is the correct one!

Promises from CaseZone

1. Customer Focus

The customer always comes first. Our company, especially the customer services team, are aptly prepared to go to whatever lengths you desire in order to bring you satisfaction during your time with us.

Of course, we can’t make everyone happy as some people expect things of us that are simply impossible. However, anyone that makes a plausible request will be taken care off to the best of our ability!

2. Perfect Product(s)

We never release any product that isn’t perfect. A single mistake or blemish will be flagged, and the product will be made again to perfection. Once we’ve made sure that everything is perfect, only then will we send it.

Don’t worry about receiving your product later than the arrival date. We account for potential issues. If we do find a problem, we have adequate time to fix it. If there isn’t any problem and your product is made perfectly on the first try, (which is what happens 99% of the time) you’ll receive it earlier than you expect!

3. Easy Design Navigation and Utilization

Our website and design program are set up to be as simple and easy to use as possible. You will likely have no trouble at all follow the guidelines.

In the event that you do have an issue, our customer services team will take good care of you!

Would You Like to Give It a Try?

Are you ready to give the design program a shot? You can use it for free. Once you’ve madea design, it is up to you if you want to get it printed or not.

Go take a look at our website and see what you think!

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