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How To Make Phone Cases With Pictures


How to Make Phone Cases with Pictures? Tips from CaseZone

We all enjoy customizing our personal accessories: clothing, jewelry, handbags, hats, etc. Customizing our accessories allows us to insert a bit of our personality into those items. The customization of cell phone cases has become increasingly popular, with CaseZone leading the way in custom case design.

One great way to customize your new phone case is by using your own pictures. If you are like most people you use your smartphone to take great photographs. Why not decorate your new custom case with one of your favorite pictures. CaseZone can show you how to make phone cases with pictures.

CaseZone makes is simple. Our technology is incredibly easy to use and you will thoroughly enjoy the process.

How to Make Phone Cases with Pictures - A Few Simple Steps

Following these simple steps will allow you to adorn your case with your favorite photograph...

Take a Great Picture

Of course, the first step is to take a great photograph using your smartphone or other digital camera device. Follow your personal taste when selecting the type of photo to put on your case. You have many options at your personal disposal:

  • A favorite pic of yourself
  • A great pic of family members (spouse, children, etc)
  • A beautiful photo of nature
  • A snapshot of exciting action at a sporting event
  • Or, whatever else suits your vision

Upload Your Pic Using the CaseZone Design and Editor Tool

Part of our showing you how to make phone cases with pictures  includes our offering of the market's very best Design and Editor Tool. You will be able to use our Tool to upload your pictures to get a glimpse of how they would look on your new case. Our Design and Editor Tool allows you to edit your photos to achieve the effect you are looking for.

Our Design and Editor Tool is based on drag and drop technology. With a few quick clicks you will be able to drop your photos in, perform edits, replace with other photos, etc. The entire process is simple, intuitive, and fun! You can finish the process in minutes or you can take as long as you want to experiment with different ideas.

Leave the Rest to CaseZone

Once you have designed your case with your picture, we will do the rest. The CaseZone state-of-the-art printing process will produce a vivid, and accurate, reproduction of your picture onto your new case. When you receive your case you will be thrilled at the brilliant quality of your picture. Its brilliance and clarity will be stunning.

How to make phone cases with pictures?  You can do it and CaseZone shows you how. The end result will be a custom case that displays a wonderful reproduction of your selected photo; a case that will bring you much pleasure every time you look at it. Visit CaseZone today and get started on your case!

  • Apr 09, 2019
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