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How to Design Your Own Customized Galaxy Note 9 Case


How to Design Your Own Customized Galaxy Note 9 Case

Designing your own customized Galaxy Note 9 case is something that will stick with you for the rest of your life. Whether you choose to replace your customized Galaxy Note 9 case for a new one at some point, you will still remember how amazing it was to design it.

Owning a custom case that has a design of your very own is no small feat. It takes time, patience, and creativity. We’re impressed with each and every design that comes in!

In this article, we’ll look at some ways to improve on your design ideas, as well as how to choose from our available options.

If you’re ready to learn how to design your very own customized Galaxy Note 9 case, then read on!

Things to Know Before Designing Your Customized Galaxy Note 9 Case

1. Prepare a Basic Idea

Don’t start designing until you have a general idea of what you mean to create. You don’t have to pre-design the whole thing in your head, but it is best to have some idea of what you wantbefore you begin.

If you start off without a clue of what you’re doing, your design may still look good, but not quite as professional as it could be. Don’t confuse our meaning; you don’t need a professional designer to make your custom design good. In fact, we encourage you to make your design on your own, so that the result is completely from your own imagination.

However, you will be able to appreciate your work far better if it is well finished and fluid throughout. At the end of the day, you can do what you like. We’re merely providing guidelines to assist you.

2. Keep the Design Unique and Consistent

Once you’ve got an idea, stick with it! Your idea is personal to you and will keep your design unique and consistent. There’s no point in creating something that has already been created. Make something brand new that no one can take from you. Trust us, the feeling of owning your very own design is awesome!

3. Don’t be Afraid to Experiment

Give different colors and patterns a go! You can edit and alter whatever you like. Our program is quite simplistic, which makes it easier to go nuts.

Remember, your design is for you, not others. It’s great if your friends and family like the design too. However, the purpose is for you to like it. If you like your design, then all is well!

Choosing One of the Custom Galaxy Note 9 Case Style Options

We have a few options that you need to pick between before you start on your design. These options are not there to limit what you can do with your custom case. In fact, they have no direct impact on what you wish to design at all.

Remember that all of the following options are available for any Samsung model. You can use them for a Galaxy S9 case , a Galaxy S8 case, and more!

However, these options do impact the look and feel of the material that your Galaxy Note 9 case will be made out of. Let’s take a look at some of these options now:

Regular Cases VS Wallet Cases

We have two case types for you to choose from. All of the following options work well with either of these choices.

Regular cases look very much like your average Samsung case. We use high-quality materials, so even the regular case will be as durable as cases you buy from Samsung themselves. However, the regular case is a little bit cheaper than the wallet case.

The reason why the wallet case is more expensive is that it is bigger than the regular case. Wallet cases cover both sides of your phone. Instead of just protecting the back of your phone, you can close the wallet case over the front of your phone while you aren’t using it.

The advantage of a wallet case over a regular case is that it will add an extra layer of protection for your touchscreen. The touchscreen is the weakest part of your smartphone, so it makes sense to protect it at all costs.

If you’re willing to spend a little bit extra on the wallet case, we highly recommend it. There’s nothing but benefits to come with it and you can still customize the case however you want. The regular case will still function as a typical case would too, of course.

Snap VS Tough

Both the Snap and Touch case styles are made with high-quality materials. They’ll each keep your phone very safe. Both are available, whether you choose a regular case or a wallet case.

There isn’t much difference between these two options. The Tough case option has an additional layer of protective black rubber which the Snap case option does not.

Essentially, you’re choosing between saving a few dollars or gaining more protection for your phone. We recommend the Tough case option to be safe, but the choice is yours.

Matte VS Gloss

Matte and Gloss are the appearance styles for your phone case. Neither one offers more benefit than the other, which is why they are the same cost. The difference is in how they make your phone appear.

Matte gives your custom Galaxy Note 9 case a smooth appeal. The colors are distinct on it but don’t catch the attention of your peripheral vision. We recommend this style for simpler designs with basic, darker colors.

Gloss functions much like lip glosses do. It makes your Galaxy Note 9 case shine brighter than Matte but lacks the smooth appeal which Matte offers. Gloss is a better choice for designs that aim to stick out, using lots of bright colors.

Again, all of these options are available for any Samsung case model. Whether you need a Galaxy Note 8 case, a Galaxy S9 Plus case, or another case, all of these options are available for you.

Check out more about these awesome options here!

Useful Accessories for Your Customized Galaxy Note 9 Case

1. A Car Mount to Keep Your Hands Free

The car mount accessory allows you to mount your phone nearby. This is useful if you mean to play music using your phone or answer a call without costing you an arm.

Please, do be careful not to actively use your phone while you’re driving! Both of your hands should always be on the wheel and/or gearstick.

2. USB Charger Cord to Provide Power and Convenience

Obviously, you need a charger cord to keep your phone from running out of battery. The USB charger cords we offer will last longer than most and charge your phone even faster. On top of that, it has 1-meter of length, allowing you to continue using the phone while it is charging.

3. Tempered Glass to Protect Your Touchscreen

Tempered glass is an essential accessory that we recommend you all acquire. Tempered glass protects your touchscreen from getting cracks. Tempered glass is also designed to break into blunt pieces of glass in the event that it breaks.

So, not only does tempered glass protect your touchscreen from cracking, but it also keeps you safe from getting cut by sharp pieces of glass!

Ready to Get Started?

If you’re ready to give your own design a whirl, take a look at our design program. It’s free to use on our website.

Remember, your design can be used for any model. Whether you need a Galaxy S7 Edge case or a Galaxy S8 Plus case, the same design can be printed for both!

Any design made on your own is perfect for you automatically. Give it a go!

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