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How to Design a Phone Case


How to Design a Phone Case the CaseZone Way

Do you enjoy the process of designing things? Are you a secret artist at heart? Did you know that you can now use your talent to design your own custom phone case?

You no longer have to settle for a case that has no originality. CaseZone can show you how to design a phone case  in a few simple and fun steps. You will be able to create a case that reflects your unique personality and character.

How to Design a Phone Case - A Few Fun Steps

At CaseZone, you can follow a few basic steps to create a great new case. Those steps include:

What Kind of Case do You Want? How to Design a Phone Case for Your Lifestyle?

What do you want in your new case? Do you want the ultimate in toughness and durability; a case that will protect your device from the harshest treatment? If so, our Tough case may be the best for you.

Maybe you prefer the ultimate in a low-profile case; a slim and light case that is easy to carry and easy to transfer in and out of pockets and handbags? Our Snap case will protect your smartphone while maintaining its slender and light profile.

You may also consider a Folio type case. Our Folio cases combine a sleek and sophisticated styling to create an air of elegance around your phone. Many people choose a Folio case as a second case that they use when they are out on the town.

Adorn Your Case with Images That Speak to You

Once you have selected your case type the next step will be to customize it with your choice of images. Those images can be designs, photos, quotations, etc. It is extremely important that you have access to a large selection of designs to choose from. Or, if using your own designs or photos, it will be important that you can easily upload those items into your design.

CaseZone supports our clients by offering a world-class assortment of images and designs. Our community of artists has created a magnificent gallery of images for you to browse through. Take a look and you will see that we have a variety of choices that will appeal to any personality type.

If you decide to use your own designs or photos, you will use the CaseZone Design and Editor Tool to upload your image into your design. Drag. Drop. Click. It's as easy as that! Our Tool is very popular and many customers comment on how much fun it is to use.

That's it, CaseZone does the rest! We will convert your design into a brilliant, high-quality, case that you will be thrilled with. You will wonder why it took you so long to learn how to design a phone case.

How to design a phone case?  You will need a supplier that provides everything you need to create the case you want. CaseZone is such a supplier. 

  • Apr 09, 2019
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