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How to Clean a Clear Phone Case: 7 Quick Tips

This might sound a bit gross but did you know that 90 percent of phones attract germs that can cause illness like the flu. If this is not disgusting enough, read this: our phones have 10 times more bacteria than a public bathroom.

And what’s even worse – 30% of these bacteria found on the surfaces of the phone make their way to our hands. If a survey from Deloitte is to be believed, Americans check their phones about 47 times per day.

So, how many times do you touch your phone per day? Do the simple math and you will realize that there is a dire need to clean your phone case, or (even better) buy a new one!

Whether you have silicone phone cases, or the ones made from rubber, or plastic phone cases – it is essential that you clean them from time to time. This brings us to an important question – how to clean a clear phone case?

Let’s see.

How to Clean a Clear Phone Case That Turned Yellow

A clear phone case adds stars to the overall look of your phone. However, it often turns yellow and looks filthy. This is because white objects are more prone to undergo a range of chemical reactions like oxidation, radiation, and photo-oxidation.

All these degrading factors combine with the light, heat, dirt, and dust and take a toll on your phone cases. This makes your silicone and plastic transparent phone cases turn yellow.

Further, the more you expose your phone case to the UV light, the browner or yellower it will look.

Here is how to clean your clear phone case like a pro.

Use Soapy Water

This is a no brainer. Washing our phone case with the soapy water is the first solution that most of us think of, and believe us – it does work.

All you need to do is soak your phone case in soapy water. You can also add laundry detergent to make things work. Next, use a soft toothbrush to scrub the case until the stains have left.

You will soon be able to get rid of all the stains from your clear phone case. However, if your clear phone case has turned yellow due to oxidation or other similar reasons, this method might not yield the desired results.

Bleach Water to the Rescue

Bleach is known for its whitening properties. It can make things white or colorless. If you have a silica gel phone case, bleach water can help you out.

You will need an apron, a disposable face mask and a pair of plastic gloves to protect yourself as bleach is irritating and corrosive by nature.

It is important to mention here that you must use the bleach only after diluting it in proper proportion as suggested by the manufacturer. We will highly recommend you clean the clear phone case in a well-ventilated place and brush it a bit after soaking it in the bleach-water solution.

But then again, if you are trying to get rid of yellow stains that are a result of oxidation, this method won’t provide satisfactory results.

Eraser to Erase the Stains Off!

Using an eraser to clean your phone case might sound a bit weird. The truth is that the eraser could act as a good cleaning agent.

You can use an eraser to erase stains and marks from your phone case, specifically if it has a matte finish.

This method will also work fine if you have a smooth silicone phone case. It will clear the dirt, but as expected, it will not help you with yellow stains.

Say Hello to Toothpaste

As it turns out, toothpaste not only helps you in whitening your teeth, but it can also help you whiten your clear phone case. It can prove to be really effective in getting rid of coffee stains and tea stains on your phone case.

It can also help you in eliminating minor scratches and marks on the surface of your mobile phone.

All you need to do is apply some toothpaste on your phone case and rub repeatedly with the help of a cleaning cloth. This method could help you in whitening your yellowed phone case cover to a small extent.

Try Alcohol

Alcohol is known for its cleaning ability due to its strong volatilization and decontamination properties. Further, it is a better cleaning agent when compared to water, especially when it comes to cleaning electronics items. This is because it doesn’t penetrate deeper into the machine like water, and reduces the chances of short circuit.

To clean your clear phone case with alcohol, simply soak it in the alcohol-water mixture. Scrub it off using a soft brush, and you should be able to get visible results.

Speaking from experience, alcohol-based wet wipes also serve the same purpose and are even more convenient and effective to use.

Hydrogen Peroxide Could Help

Are you wondering how to clean a clear phone case that turned brown? This method could help you get rid of the yellowness and brownness of your phone case. Here, you require a combination of hydrogen peroxide and UV light to make things work.

For this, you can order an H2O2-based cream. Coat it over the case and put the case under a UV light source. If you have a UV nail dryer in your house, it will suffix.

Put it out in the Sun

If nothing seems to work, the sun could prove to be your best bet. Simply put your phone case in the sun, and see if it gets whitened. However, since the sun will change its position frequently throughout the day, you might get uneven results.

Alternatively, you could also choose to sand off the top layer of the clear plastic case to get rid of its discolored layer and reveal a new white layer. All you need to do is sand it off properly with the help of sandpaper. Once done, wipe the mobile case with a wet cloth. This method can help you in removing a few parts of the yellowed portions, but as expected, it will not help you in cleaning your phone case perfectly.

Get a New Clear Phone Case from Case Zone

As is evident, all the methods mentioned above can help you clean clear phone case to a large extent, but they might not provide satisfactory results when it comes to getting rid of the yellowness of the case.

More often than not, clear phone cases turn yellow due to oxidation, and it is not easy to get rid of this yellowness and brownness. The best way, in this case, is to buy a new clear phone case from CaseZone. We are the leading provider of phone cases and accessories online.

Whether you are looking for silicone phone cases, iPhone clear phone cases, protective phone cases or Samsung clear phone cases – you name it, we have it! In addition to crystal clear cases, we also have an exclusive variety of leather cases and silicone cases for you to explore.

Check our unique collection now, and keep your phone hygienic and beautiful – always!

Contact us today to learn more.

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