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Customized iPhone XS Case – Get the Most Out of Your iPhone


Customized iPhone XS Case – Get the Most Out of Your iPhone

Are you tired of seeing the same, mundane iPhone XS Case designs? Don’t you wish you could have something more interesting? If you’ve thought this way at any point, or even if you haven’t, perhaps a customized iPhone XS Case is just the thing for you!

Customized cases provide you with a huge number of benefits and look awesome, regardless of the design you choose. The chance to have an iPhone case that is entirely yours is not a chance that you should take lightly.

In this article, we’ll show you how you can take your phone to the next level with a self-created customized iPhone XS case. We’ll tell about some benefits that come with such a choice as well as what accessories go well with an iPhone XS case.

If you’re interested in improving the protection and unique style of your iPhone, then take a look at what we have for you!

Benefits that Come from Owning a Customized iPhone XS Case

#1 – You’ll Own the Best iPhone XS Case in Your Social Group

No case is cooler than one which you devised all on your own. There is no one in the entire world that has the same case you have. Most if not all of your friends couldn’t say that!

With a customized case of your own, it won’t even matter if your iPhone model is old. Whether you use an iPhone XR case or an iPhone 8 case, your case will still be awesome, which in turn makes your iPhone awesome.

#2 – You’ll Never Mistake Your iPhone for Someone Else’s

Obviously, no one else has the same case as you since you are the one who invented it. Thanks to this, there’s no way anyone will have an identical phone and case as you.

You may be surprised how often this happens. Certain friends buy the latest iPhone and the same case that they both think looked awesome. The phones areswapped by mistake and they only notice at home when they try to open up their phone with the wrong password. (Or worse, don’t have a password, leaving the friend able to troll all their accounts!)

If you have a customized iPhone XS case, there’s no chance that your friend will accidentally mistake your iPhone for their own. So, you know that if this occurs, your friend did it on purpose for some reason!

#3 – You’ll get to Look at Your Self-Designed Custom Case Every Day!

The best things you own are the ones you made for yourself. Anyone can buy something and think it is cool. But it takes some effort to design something for yourself and see it come to life.

Since you had a hand in the creation of this iPhone case, you’ll appreciate it far more than a regular one. You can see your own character and personality within the design. It truly is something to be proud of.

Every day when you wake up, you’ll reach for your phone and see that awesome design. Think about how cool that will be!

Customized iPhone XS Case Options

Regular Cases

Regular cases come in two main forms. They are known as the following:

  • Snap – A sharper, sturdy case that brings out the colors.
  • Tough – Brings a deeper color palate while remaining incredibly sturdy.

Regular cases come in two main forms. They are known as the following:

  • Matte – Smooth in appearance
  • Gloss – Bright and reflective material

Each of these options works with any of the typical iPhone cases. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking into iPhone 7 cases, iPhone 7 Plus cases, or any other type of iPhone case. You can still choose between all the above options as well as fully customize your final product.

Wallet Cases

Wallet cases, on the other hand, cover your entire phone. It reaches all the way from the back of your phone and around the front as well. When you need to use your phone, you can peel it back and set it behind your phone. As you complete whatever you needed to do, you can fold the wallet case back over the front and lock it in place.

We highly recommend considering the wallet case as it protects your iPhone’s touchscreen. Tempered glass is great for keeping your screen from getting damaged. However, a wallet case adds a second layer of protection, making sure that your iPhone has the best chance of survival in the event that you accidentally drop it.

It is worth a few extra dollars to make sure your phone is safe and secure. At least, we think it is!

Alternate Case Design Templates

If you don’t wish to design your case completely from scratch, take a look at our pre-made template categories:

  • Animal
  • Art
  • Floral
  • Geometrics
  • Mandala
  • Marble
  • Material
  • Nature
  • Skulls
  • Sport
  • Vintage

These templates work with any iPhone model. You can use them on an iPhone X case, an iPhone 8 Plus case, an iPhone XS Max case, or any other case you happen to need.

Take a look at our templates and start designing now!

Extra Accessories to Purchase with Your iPhone XS Case

We also offer the following three accessories to go with your iPhone XS case:

  • Car Mount – Keep your phone close by with an easy to use and sturdy car mount. (Please make sure not to utilize your phone while driving in any way that would distract you from the road!)
  • 1-meter iPhone USB charger cord – Charge your phone at the fastest possible rate while also having some length on the cord to reach that pesky wall socket.
  • Tempered Glass – Add further protection to your iPhone touchscreen with the highest-quality tempered glass on the online market!

These accessories are available for any iPhone model. You need only specify which model it is for and the respective accessory will be chosen.

CaseZone Promises You…

#1 –We Develop Nothing but High-Quality Products

Everything that we distribute to our customers is checked, double checked, and triple checked. A single flaw will be noticed and flagged. If the product isn’t perfect in every way, we’ll scrap it and make one that is.

It is highly important to us that you receive the product you requested in the form that you expect it to come in. Our high reviews are a result of this type of thinking. (Not to mention the success of our business)

#2 – We Endeavor to Give You Exactly What You Requested

So long as your request is within our ability to accomplish, it shall be done exactly the way you asked for it to be done. Customer satisfaction is a top priority of ours. Our customer services team are experienced and able to get through your requests at an exceptionally quick rate!

#3 – We’ve Set Up Our Website to Give You the Best and Easiest Experience Possible

Our website is designed to be logical and straightforward. You start in one place and get directed through all the steps needed, including designing the case itself, which can be done from our website.

You likely won’t have any trouble with navigation. However, if you do for some reason, our customer services team will take very good care of you.


Have we convinced you yet? Customized iPhone cases are awesome. Check out our website and take a look at some for yourself. Perhaps, you’ll even have an idea of your own while you’re there!

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