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Customized iPhone 7 Plus Cases – Benefits and Accessories


Customized iPhone 7 Plus Cases – Benefits and Accessories

Are you bored of all these ordinary-looking iPhone 7 Plus cases? Have you ever considered the potential of customized iPhone 7 Plus cases? No? Well, you’re about to!

Customized cases are a fantastic investment. With them, you’re getting as much security as typical cases, but a design of your own choosing.

Not only will you choose the design, but you also get to create it, yourself! Since the design comes from your brain, there’s no way that anyone will have an identical case to yours.

Do you want to have one of the coolest, most unique iPhone 7 Plus cases in the world? Well, then take a look at the article we’ve prepared for you. By the time you’re done reading, you’ll know all there is know about customized iPhone cases, including certain benefits, extra accessories, and more. Check it out!

Benefits of Owning Your Very Own Customized iPhone 7 Plus Case

#1 – Coolest case of all iPhone 7 Plus Cases in the World!

No matter what design you create, it will always be the coolest case in your group, if not the whole world! For starters, no one else has the same case as yours, so it is 100% unique! Whether you use an iPhone 8 Plus case or an iPhone X case, the resulting design will work perfectly.

We can adjust any design to fit a different sized case. If you want the same design on several different iPhone models, then we can do that too!

#2 – Your iPhone will be Safe and Unlosable!

A huge advantage of having a customized iPhone case is that it still protects your iPhone just as well as a normal case on top of making your phone undeniably obvious. No one could possibly mistake your phone for theirs when you have such an interesting, unique case!

On top of that, if anyone steals your iPhone, it will be easier to ID it as no one else owns a phone with that case. If the police are aware of the case design you used, they would be able to retrieve it the next time the thief uses the phone.

#3 – Owning a Unique Case Design of Your Own Making

Perhaps, the strongest benefit is seeing the creative masterpiece that you have crafted yourself, every time you use your phone. Nothing feels as good as something you did all by yourself. Whether you created it for an iPhone 8 case, an iPhone XS Max case, or any other model, your design will look brilliant.

No one can tell you that it isn’t a good design, because it came from your own form of creativity. The work of an artist isn’t told by how many people appreciate it. In truth, the work of an artist is told by how much it speaks of them as a person. Your design is sure to do exactly that!

Our Custom iPhone 7 Plus Cases and Styling Options

Regular Cases

Regular cases come in two main forms. They are known as the following:

  • Snap – A sharper, sturdy case that brings out the colors.
  • Tough – Brings a deeper color palate while remaining incredibly sturdy.

Each of these forms also comes in two different styles: (The same styles for each form)

  • Matte – Smooth in appearance
  • Gloss – Bright and reflective material

You can choose any combination of these when working with iPhone 7 Plus cases. Do make sure you don’t mix up iPhone 7 Plus cases with iPhone 7 cases. The name is similar, but the case dimensions are slightly different!

Wallet Cases

Wallet cases are a bit different from the regular cases. They have the same Matte and Gloss options. However, they don’t just cover the back of iPhone 7 Plus cases. In fact, the wallet case covers your entire phone, front and back!

In the same way that your wallet flips open and closed, the wallet case does the same. For the sake of protection, you can keep the front of your iPhone covered when you aren’t using it. This keeps you from accidentally dropping your iPhone facedown and cracking the screen. (Which costs an insane amount to get fixed!)

When you need to use your phone, the wallet case can be flipped around to the back so that it doesn’t get in the way. While it does cost a bit more than the regular case, the wallet case is well worth it for the extra protection.

Check it out!

Design Possibilities

We also have hundreds of pre-made design templates that you could try out. It doesn’t hurt to add a little pre-made basics in order to reach your final creation.

We have options from the following categories:

  • Animal
  • Art
  • Floral
  • Geometrics
  • Mandala
  • Marble
  • Material
  • Nature
  • Skulls
  • Sport
  • Vintage

Simply choose the category that seems to fit what you’re interested in creating and then edit it however you please. The more unique aspects you add, the better your final product should appear. Remember, the design is for you and you alone. Never mind what others think of it. If you love it, then it is perfect!

Additional Accessories that Go with iPhone 7 Plus Cases

We also offer the following three accessories that work with iPhone 7 Plus cases:

  • Car Mount – Keep your phone close by with an easy to use and sturdy car mount. (Please make sure not to utilize your phone while driving in any way that would distract you from the road!)
  • 1-meter iPhone USB charger cord – Charge your phone at the fastest possible rate while also having some length on the cord to reach that pesky wall socket.
  • • Tempered Glass – Add further protection to your iPhone touchscreen with the highest-quality tempered glass on the online market!

All of these are available for any iPhone model. You can purchase them along with your iPhone XR case, iPhone XS case, or any other model that you’re currently working with!

Take a look at the accessories we have to offer here!

CaseZone Promises You the Following!

#1 – 100% Quality Products

We offer nothing but top-notch products. Anything below 100% quality is trashed and made better. You will never see a defective product because we never give out anything that isn’t exactly what you ordered.

A product with a single mark or scratch won’t get past our inspection team. Rest assured, your request will be in the best hands possible.

#2 – Exactly What You Asked for! (Within Reason)

Do you have special inquiries or instructions? We’re happy to follow any specifics you may feel the need to ask for. If your request is within our power to accomplish, we will do it at 110% efficiency!

#3 – An Easy, Methodical Experience

You won’t need to worry about going through the usual hoops to get what you want. CaseZone has more experience in this line of business than anyone else. As such, our team is quite aware of what the typical customer wants and equally capable of adjusting for customers with more intricate needs.

You’ll be taken from the initial inspection stage to ordering your purchase in the simplest steps possible. You not even notice the process at all by the time you reach your goal!

Aside from actually designing the case that you want us to print, you won’t need to exhaust any effort at all!

Here We Go!

If we haven’t convinced you yet, nothing will! Customized cases are incredible and a must-have for our modern smartphone era. So, get over to our website and start working on your very own customized iPhone case design!

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