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A Brief History of iPhone Models and Recent Breakthroughs for iPhone Cases


A Brief History of iPhone Models and Recent Breakthroughs for iPhone Cases

iPhone models and iPhone cases have changed drastically over the years. The iPhone first came out in 2007. The first designs for iPhone cases came out shortly after that.

In this article, we’re going to look at some of the later iPhone models as well as how far we’ve come with the designs of iPhone cases. We’ll also look into the amazing breakthrough of customized iPhone cases.

You may not realize it, but iPhone cases are just as popular as the phones themselves. Without iPhone cases,the phones we have today would likely all be cracked and messed up. iPhones are made to last an incredibly long time. However, it is imperative that we have a sturdy iPhone case to keep the phone in check.

If you’re interested in learning more about that fabulous device in your hand, as well as how awesome it would be to own a customized iPhone case, then read on!

Prominent iPhone Model History

iPhone 7

In early 2016, the iPhone 7 was first released. Shortly afterward, a flood of iPhone 7 cases emerged. The designs were all very interesting and gave you a decent variety. Not everyone was impressed with the options they had, unfortunately. Some even just stuck to a plain grey case.

People were also not very happy with the release of the iPhone 7 as it was just one year since the iPhone 6s Plus had been released. Many felt that the release was rushed, and the phone was a whole lot better than its predecessor.

iPhone 7 Plus

Luckily for the Apple brand, the iPhone 7 Plus was met with a bit less skepticism. The model was still rushed as it was released later that same year of 2016. However, there were some serious advantages to the iPhone 7 Plus in the form of a dual lens rear camera system and some nice iPhone 7 Plus cases.

The loss of Steve Jobs not too long before these models were thought to be the cause of the rushed release. Many believe that losing such a titan in the smartphone industry caused the company to shake for several years. Luckily, Apple seems to have regained its footing as they are still one of the leading businesses.

iPhone 8 and 8 Plus

Once again, Apple released a new phone much earlier than they used to. The iPhone 8 was released in 2017, less than a year after the iPhone 7 Plus. The iPhone 8 case design and iPhone 8 Plus case design structures were much like that of the iPhone 7 Plus. This is largely due to the fact that the iPhone models were almost identical in dimensions.

The main difference in these models was the glass back providing additional protection for the circuitry and a nice appearance.

iPhone X

Ridiculous as it may seem, Apple released a third iPhone model in 2017 called the iPhone X. The iPhone X had improved internal circuitry and a larger screen size.

Apple tried to go for a full-screen model by removing the home button and adding it to the touchscreen instead. Many weren’t happy with this change, but it did make for a nice viewing experience.

iPhone X case designs were getting better but still,some people couldn’t find what they really wanted.

iPhone XS and XS Max

Once again, Apple released a new model a year after the previous one. Fortunately, the new models seem to have a number ofadvantages, including a massive size of 6.5 inches!

The iPhone XS case designs and iPhone XS Max case designs were very cool. More and more companies were spewing out designs for people to choose from. By now, there weren’t just hundreds of options, but rather tens of thousands!

However, there was still one more model to come out.

The Breakthrough of Customizable iPhone Cases

While all of these iPhone models were awesome and are highly popular still today, there has been an even larger breakthrough than that! We have discovered the potential behind customized iPhone cases!

Customized iPhone cases unlock the ability for everyone to have exactly what they want in an iPhone case. You can’t go wrong with choosing a design for your iPhone case when you’re the one designing it!

CaseZone was one of the first companies to discover the potential behind this. We’ve been making cases for various phones for many years. Customizable iPhone cases are just one branch of the amazing business niche.

Take a look at our options!

CaseZone’s Options for Customizable iPhones Cases

Regular Cases

Regular cases come in two main forms. They are known as the following:

  • Snap – A sharper, sturdy case that brings out the colors.
  • Tough – Brings a deeper color palate while remaining incredibly sturdy.

Each of these forms also comes in two different styles: (The same styles for each form)

  • Matte – Smooth in appearance
  • Gloss – Bright and reflective material

Wallet Cases

Wallet cases have exactly the same options and customization choices. The major difference is that you can protect the front of your iPhone with this excellent case. It works in much the same way that a flip-open wallet does, hence the name.

You can use the wallet case to protect your iPhone’s touchscreen. The touchscreen is the most fragile part of your phone, so it makes sense to try and protect it as best you can.

Pre-Made Template Designs for iPhone Cases

If you don’t wish to design any of your iPhone cases completely from scratch, take a look at our pre-made template categories:

  • Animal
  • Art
  • Floral
  • Geometrics
  • Mandala
  • Marble
  • Material
  • Nature
  • Skulls
  • Sport
  • Vintage

These templates work with any iPhone model. You can easily link any design with the iPhone cases you’re interested in having.

Additional Accessories to Go with Your iPhone Cases

We also offer the following three accessories to go with your iPhone cases:

  • Car Mount – Keep your phone close by with an easy to use and sturdy car mount. (Please make sure not to utilize your phone while driving in any way that would distract you from the road!)
  • 1-meter iPhone USB charger cord – Charge your phone at the fastest possible rate while also having some length on the cord to reach that pesky wall socket.
  • Tempered Glass – Add further protection to your iPhone touchscreen with the highest-quality tempered glass on the online market!

You can get any of these accessories along with all kinds of iPhone cases. When you place your design order, you will just need to specify the iPhone brand so that the correct accessories are chosen.

Let’s Get Started!

Are you ready to take a look at some customized iPhone cases? Who knows, you may even get inspired to create a custom case design of your very own.

The potential for customized iPhone cases is incredible! Remember, whatever you design is already the perfect case for you because it is literally your iPhone case!

Check out our website and start working on a design today!

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