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Phone Cases Online That Complement Your Lifestyle & Looks

Dress Up Your Phone With Strong Protection Features

CaseZone is an online store dedicated to unique phone cases, that not only refresh the look of your hand-held devices, but also save it from accidental damages at large. Headquartered in New York, we operate globally, being hinged on a gifted team of illustrators, inventive designers, experienced content writers and responsive customer support representatives. Together, we create some of the most remarkable cellphone covers for you at pocket-friendly prices.


What inspires us to get our creative juices flowing is our mission - to design attractive cellphone covers that would instantly bring a smile to purchasers’ faces and embody their tastes and preferences, and sometimes special memories.

We proceed by designing each of our products from the US and spread it around from our warehouses, located in the EU, the UK and Asia. It’s a family business, headed by three aspiring individuals, who are siblings by relation.

Despite the realization that customers prefer pre-designed protective phone cases that save both time and money, we haven’t entirely moved away from the innovative concept of “personalization”. We believe the crowd is a mixture of both. Hence, leave the scope to exercise their freedom by personalizing the material and finish to arrive at something they would be proud to show off.

Why Choose CaseZone’s Phone Cases

  • Premium Cases

    Quality never takes a backseat in our cases. You can be assured of receiving top-notch covers. Try us!

  • Unique Designs

    Wish to stand out from the crowd? Choose from our all-encompassing collection of quirky designs to steal the limelight.

  • Something For Everyone

    Be it a minimalist or a fashion-conscious user, we have just the right cases to make you fall for us.

  • Prompt & Free Of Cost Shipping

    Expect free shipping and timely delivery within 3-5 working days for users ordering from the US.

  • Hassle-Free Returns

    Not much happy with the product? Don’t worry! We have convenient return policies with our 30-days money-back guarantee.

  • Proudly Designed In NYC

    We are proud of our origins and pleased to inform you about our team operating from New York City.

  • Chance To Be a Part Of #CaseZone Club

    You can always be a part of us by owning a product from our cellphone accessory store.

Smartphone Cases For Everyone - Find Yours!

At CaseZone, we are aware of the various types of smartphone users around us. While some love to flaunt it to the world, others seek something hardy to complement their mindless behaviour. Depending on the requirement, we have for our valued customers, numerous stylised collections to reflect their personalities. And, we are proud of it! Despite the additions, we are working our level best and in progress to introduce fresh collections before you. These are not just inspired by the latest trends, but meet every functionality standard to provide you with premium protective phone cases at reasonable rates.

Pre-designed Collections That Depict Elementary Themes And Styles

Initially, we had a lot of fun creating unique phone cases that were customized for our clients, especially while working with personal photographs, special moments with loved ones, and the best part was subjecting it to pets and intimate gifting. This was actually our original plan to give people the freedom to create their own designs.

However, eventually we realized the fact that designing and personalizing their own phone case is not on the top priority list of the majority of buyers who need the product, but are rather more inclined to pick a ready-made design, and save their time.

For this reason, we took a turn in designing our own line of ready-made mobile covers. We joined forces with our visionary graphic artists to put together elementary collections representing a wide range of themes and styles to trace the one that best suits you and let it be a window to your true personality.

Shop online and browse through our featured collections including - Floral phone cases, Marble phone cases, Cute phone cases among many others. Buyers can also choose based on different iPhone and Samsung phone models.

This is an ongoing process and we keep adding new products, new collections and new vibes to our catalogue, optimizing the many choices you can have, and thus live up to our agenda of “something for everyone”.

  • Cases By Phone Brands

    Choose your phone cover as per iPhone devices and Samsung devices. We currently have cases for different phone models from these two brands only.

  • Phone Cases for Girls

    When it comes to dressing up the phone, feminine designs get the most diversified vistas, but there is definitely a lot of pinks and floral concepts to start with. Of course, girlie designs can’t be all flowery and pinky all the time, so ladies can choose from a wide range of patterns, colors, textures, finishes to satiate their zeal for fashion. We are delighted to acknowledge that our client-base is dominated by young ladies, that love to dress up their phones with different covers at different seasons, different occasions or different moods. And we love it, when they get what they want!

  • Phone Cases for Boys

    Boys love their toys. Usually, men like a permanent solution for a mobile case that will have the best features to protect their precious phones from all angles. Most of the times, our male buyers like to stick to basic designs that go with all occasions, but style consciousness comes naturally to all of us, and guys are pretty definite in that expression. So we have ample options for professional, adventurous, casual and basic designs, that are bent on being an all- encompassing solution for what it’s worth.

Quality Matters - Extremely Durable and Reliable Protective Phone Cases

Phone covers are really a personal thing. And it goes beyond the purpose of solely protecting the device. It’s also a lot about expressing one’s “true colors”. A seemingly endless collection of such expressive designer mobile cases, are covered in the most stunning and practical features, that make it a total package of style and safety.

Quality is the most essential thing that holds the entire thing together. Experience Ultra HD graphics and animate visuals, with the surface of the covers having a protective shield that ensures the colors, finish and overall vibrancy of the graphics stays intact for long. We pay attention to details, like measurement of the raised edging with practical functionality, high-precision cutouts that ensure the perfect fit for your phone model.

It is the quality that will eventually establish our reputation, it is our top priority! Therefore, as you browse the different collections, you can rest assured that any product that you pick from our catalogue comes with top quality build, that is meant to give your hand-held devices that ultimate protection it can possibly have. This is a total value for money.

So cute ❤ ❤ ❤

A perfect summer cute case! Thank you for the good customer service and fast shipping!

Kate Norman


Such a fast shipping!!!

Affordable prices, very fast shipping. I'll definitely be ordering a new case soon!

Hannah M.


I love the array of patterns and color prints they offer! The case design is very sturdy, the customer service support team is very friendly. I would absolutely recommend CaseZone! Thank...

Olivia Obryant


Good quality, stylish design!

This case is super stylish and it gives the best protection to my phone. Going to order one more for my mom!

Tara Rene


I couldn't be more pleased, such a perfect fit for my new iPhone 11. Thank you!

Julia Beasley



I love these cases, and they are so cute and shipped quickly!

Joan Walder