If it’s time for you to purchase a new phone case, take a look at what CaseZone has to offer. The custom phone case is our specialty and our lifeblood. Have you recently purchased a new smartphone and are in process of purchasing a case for it? Or, maybe you just want to upgrade an existing case. It could be that your current case has been damaged or disfigured in some way, or, it could be that you are just tired of looking at it and would like to upgrade to a custom phone case


You no Longer Have to Settle

Many of us, when purchasing a new smartphone, just settle for a case that is plain and dull. We are so excited by our new device that we overlook the importance of the case. We overlook the pleasure that could be derived from having a custom phone case. But, after a while, we realize that the plain, dull, and unimaginative case brings us no pleasure or pride of ownership. It's just a piece of plastic enclosing our device.

We decide that we want more from our case. For many, that means casting off that old case and upgrading to a custom phone case.

If you have decided to upgrade to a custom phone case your first step will be to select a supplier. Your selection of a phone case supplier will be the single most important factor in your search for a new case that will satisfy your style and design visions.

CaseZone is that supplier. We were founded with the mission to be that supplier. Our mission is not just empty words. We will quickly become a leader in the custom phone case market by following a few basic principles….

Listening to the Consumer - What You Want in a Custom Phone Case

Unlike many of our competitors, we do not tell you what you want in your custom phone case. Instead, we listen to what you want and then respond to your input. We know that desires and trends can change quickly and we make sure that we are always in a position to respond just as quickly.

We understand that listening---and responding---to the consumer is the only way to be a true market leader. Anything less leads to being a market follower. Market followers are always struggling to keep up. CaseZone is not a market follower; CaseZone is a market leader.

We will lead the custom phone case market by providing our customers with....

Fashionable Designs

Being genuinely "fashionable" means being current and relevant. Many phone case suppliers are not offering fashionable designs. They don't understand that what was fashionable three years ago is probably no longer fashionable today. What was current, exciting, and relevant back in 2015 can be stale and irrelevant today.

Take a look at our custom phone case offerings and you will see tangible evidence of our commitment to phone case fashion. We want our customers to have a custom phone case that serves as a reflection of their individual design tastes.

We provide our customers with cases that can be fashion showcases and not merely shells for their devices. A custom phone case needs to be much more than a nondescript piece of rubber or plastic!

Choices, Choices, Choices!

Buying a custom phone case requires the availability of choices. In the past, "choice" has meant the ability to choose from a few very basic design options. The definition of "choice" has changed dramatically and CaseZone is leading the charge. "Choice" now means having access to a large selection of designs that cover a wide range of individual personalities and artistic tastes.

The breadth and depth of the CaseZone design offering is second to none. We offer custom phone case designs that range from the exciting to the sublime. Designs that are edgy and designs that are elegant. Concepts based on beautiful artwork. Designs depicting the glories of the natural world.

In addition to choice of design, you also want choice of style. You should be able to purchase a custom phone case that reflects your preference in terms of style and format. CaseZone will provide you with the options you deserve. Our style offerings include:

Tough Cases

You need your custom phone case to provide reliable protection for your smartphone. The amount of protection needed varies from individual to individual. Constructed from the strongest materials, a Tough case will provide your device with the ultimate in protection.

Snap Cases

These low-profile cases take up less space in your pocket, bag, or purse. Their slim design also makes them easier to slide in and out of tight spaces. A custom phone case that provides excellent general-purpose service in a convenient format.

Folio Cases

A Folio case can add a touch of elegance to your custom phone case. Their non-traditional appearance and texture will add some sophistication to your case while still providing adequate protection for your phone.

Customization Options

More and more consumers are choosing to customize their phone cases with their own self-created designs and images. This results in a custom phone case that provides a wonderful outlet of self-expression.

Personal designs and artwork, favorite photographs, inspirational quotations.....are just a few of the avenues that be explored to create the perfect custom phone case for you. And, to support your customization process, CaseZone has developed an industry leading Design and Editor tool. The CaseZone Design and Editor tool makes it easy for you to bring your mental visions into vivid life.

Fair Pricing - A Custom Phone Case at a Fair Price

One misconception today is that a custom phone case has to come with an unreasonably high price tag. CaseZone is dispelling that myth. We offer custom phone case pricing that is fair and reasonable. Our ambition is to be a market leader in providing products to our customers at prices that are always competitive.

The custom phone case is indeed a CaseZone specialty. Let us show you what that means!


Based in New York, CaseZone is establishing itself as a premier supplier of high-quality phone cases and other accessories. When you shop at CaseZone you will receive outstanding products at great prices.

A Custom Case for Your Smartphone

Customized cases are our specialty. We offer a shimmering variety of beautiful options for you to choose from. Our impressive offering includes:

  • Custom iPhone Cases
  • Custom iPhone 6 case
  • Custom iPhone 6s case
  • Custom iPhone 6s Plus case
  • Custom iPhone X case
  • Custom iPhone XR case
  • Custom iPhone XS case
  • Custom iPhone XS Max case

We also offer a custom iPad mini case For your custom iPhone case you can choose among several case materials. We offer a fabulous iPhone leather case as well as an iPhone silicone case that is simply brilliant. We also have an iPhone XS transparent case that will allow the brilliance of your XS to shine through.

For Samsung - A Sparkly Phone Case for Many Samsung Models

  • Custom Samsung Galaxy S7 case
  • Custom Samsung Galaxy S8 case
  • Custom Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus case
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge custom case
  • Custom Samsung Galaxy S9 case
  • Samsung Galaxy J7 custom case
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 custom case
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge custom case
  • Samsung Galaxy A5 custom case

Other Accessories

We offer the best phone accessories on the market. This includes the best smartphone car mount at the best price. Our car mount will keep your phone securely fastened to your a/c vent while you drive your car.

We also carry a full line of tempered glass screen protectors. We carry iPhone tempered glass and Samsung tempered glass. Our tempered glass will help protect that precious glass display on your smartphone.

We are here to serve you. Our commitment to quality, design, customer service, and best pricing is evident in everything we do. We look forward to hearing from you!